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Our Mission
If the world is your oyster, we are your marketing pearl.  We teamed up to focus specifically on video and multimedia content for travel and hospitality destinations. Simply put, we compel people looking to travel to come to you.  We choose the craft of filmmaking as the vehicle for communication because it is an undeniable form of experiential marketing. You can use our video content and photography to engage viewers instantly, to communicate your uniqueness, and to spearhead your social media campaign indefinitely.  We know that quality video content leads to more direct bookings, longer length of stay, and a more lucrative bottom line.  Let us provide you the tools to position your destination at the forefront of the visual landscape.


We do what we love

We are a full service  team of professionals curated to serve your industry.  It can be difficult to tell who’s who in this world of content overload.  There are amateurs who can underbid us everywhere, but it’s a waste of your time and money.  The difference is we’ve been doing this for 10 years, and your investment will be worthwhile, and the content you get will have a shelf life that pretty much guarantees an ROI. We have degrees in filmmaking and hospitality, and we are avid travelers ourselves. We bring a youthful perspective to our work, and think out of the box so your content is unique and personal.

We're Creative

We live and breath creativity.  We are award winning filmmakers and artists. This is not just a hobby, or a pet project.  We do this because we love it, regardless of how much we are getting paid.  Because we love telling stories and we love the visual medium.  It just so happens that you have a story to tell.  We strive to make every project different, and better then the rest.

We Know Magic

We mean it.  You have heard people say, “it’s movie making magic!”  It’s because there are no perfect formulas, or no easy answers, but when all the elements come together in a cinematic synergy there is no denying the power that film can have on the emotions of the audience.    We have worked on huge Hollywood productions and massive tourism campaigns, studied the industry and the craft, and traveled the world over.  We know the audience, and have a pragmatic, real-world approach awaken an emotional experience, and thus evoke a desire to explore.


You can see Troy’s passionate for life in his work.  He is an award winning filmmaker who holds a degree in Film, Television, and New Media.  For 11 years he has been providing creative services for companies such as @Radical Media, UCSD, California Tourism, Benchmark Hospitality, Billabong, The SPEED Network FUEL tv, Stone Brewing Co, Planet X tv, and done 100’s of branding videos for businesses across the country.  He loves music, and you’ll usually find him traveling to exotic destinations across the globe, seafaring, backpacking, 4 wheeling, surfing, flying his drone – always with a camera in hand.

Troy Brajkovich
CEO & Creative Director

Our Founder Troy Brajkovich continues to lead the creative process.  His extensive list of filmmakers, art directors, producers, actors, motion graphics artists, cinematographers, public relations, and other creatives are called upon and assembled to suit the needs of every project.

Troy likes long walks on the beach, traveling with his family, surf adventures, and shooting personal photography projects of cultures and landscapes around the world.